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A3S – Bringing analytics to life.

Here at A3S, our mission is to help our clients adopt machine learning technologies and AI. To incorporate them into their decision making processes. To reach customer centricityoperational excellence and data monetization.

Experience & Culture.

We are more than just consultants, we are trusted business advisors. Behind us there are more than 15 years of experience helping to develop analytically-driven, customer-focused companies.

With this intent fully integrated into our culture, A3S offers top-tier professional services. 

At A3S we combine academia, industry and consultancy experience gained in globally recognized leading institutions. In addition, we are highly skilled problem solvers, IT professionals and data scientists.

Thanks to our wide industry coverage across Europe, we effectively blend global industry leaders’ best practice with deep understanding of emerging markets dynamics.


Our unique approach in combining Advisory Services, Capability Building Services, and Managed Services under one roof creates great value for our clients.

Each of our engagement starts with a well-structured diagnostic study that clearly separates market potential utilization and capability development opportunities in our clients.

Our focus is on applying quantitative analysis methodologies such as predictive modelling to address sales, marketing, risk and operational excellence issues.

We develop models, algorithms and apply advanced analytics techniques to solve the most complex problems. With our help you can be ahead of your competition and can lead the way of success. We bring analytics to life! In your company with your data!